Oric Books
30 Hour Basic Oric edition – Clive Prigmore
30 Programmes Oric-1 pour tous - Jacques Boisgontier
Advanced Programming for the Oric – Gerard Mason
Atmos-Oric1 manual de référence - André Cheniére
Atmos-Oric1 manual de référence tome 2 travaux pratiques - André Cheniére
Clefs pour l'Oric (Oric-1 et Oric-Atmos) - Emmanuel Flesselles
Easy Programming for the Oric-1 – Ian Stewart and Robin Jones
Games for your Oric - Peter Shaw
Games to play on your Oric-1 – Czes Kosniowski
Getting more from your Oric – H.E. Hicks
Getting started on the Oric-1 – D.G.J. Cole
Getting started on your Oric – Tim Hartnell and Peter Shaw
Guide de L’Oric – Philippe Bayvejiel
Interfaces Pour Oric 1 et Atmos - Michel Levrel
Jeux en basic sur Atmos - Pierre Monsaut
Learning to use the Oric-1 computer – Steven Blake
Machine Code for the Atmos and Oric-1 - Bruce Smith
Made Easy Using your Oric Atmos – Garry Marshall
Manuel de Oric Atmos – Ian Adamson
Meteoric Programming for the Oric-1 – John Vanderer Reyden
Oric Advanced User Guide – Leycester Whewell
Oric Atmos Oric-1 praktische tips, programa’s, Basic – Albert Sickler/Wim Wijnolts
Oric Atmos vos programmes - Michel Bussac/Gil Espèche
Oric et son microprocesseus - Francois Normant/Fredric Blanc
Oric Microdisc Manual
Oric-1 Basic Programming Manual - See below
Oric-1 Forth Programming Manual
Oric-1 Manuel de Programmation Basic
Oric-1 Pour Tous - Jacques Boisgontier and Sophie Brebion
Pilotez Votre Oric 1 + Atmos - P. Gueulle
Pratique de L’Oric-Atmos et 36 Programmes – H. Lilen and J. Bénard
Programmer en langage machine sur Oric-Atmos et Oric-1 - Bruce Smith
Sixty Programs for the Oric-1 – Robert Erskine and Humphrey Walwyn
The Oric book of games - Mike James, S.M. Gee and Kay Ewbank
The Oric Handbook – Peter Lupton and Frazer Robinson
The Oric Programmer – S.M. Gee and Mike James
The Oric-1 and how to get the most from it – Ian Sinclair
The Oric-1 program book – Vince Apps
The Oric-1 Companion – Bob Maunder
Understanding Oric – Ian McLean

Machine Code Books
6502 applications – Rodney Zaks
6502 machine code for beginners – A.P. Stephenson
6502 systems programming – Thomas G. Windeknecht
Machine code for beginners - Lisa Watts and Mike Wharton
Machine language for beginners – Richard Mansfield
Programming the 6502 – Rodney Zaks


You can now download the ORIC-1 manual. 
To view the manual you need Acrobat Reader.

Oric-1 Basic Programming Manual