GPD-Software was started by me, Hakan Karlsson, and Mikael Gillberg back in 1985.
We produced three great strategy games 85-87, Rock'n Roll, Hollywood and Mr President.

There were also a lot of games that we didn't finish, a pokergame,a big graphical adventure
and two or three strategy games. We hope we can get enough time and inspirations to finish some of them before the end of the year.

With the help of Laurent Chiacchierini, from Club Europe Oric, we have also been able to
recover a game called Bingo.

Here is your chance to see what kind of software we produced. All GPD-software is FREEWARE.
Download and enjoy!

Rock'n Roll
Mr President
Coctail Recepies

Many more to come.....


All of the above games in one Sedoric Disk

GPD X-mas demo

Do you have any questions about the games, please send us a mail. or